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Inmotion : a complete and scalable urban mobility range

Inmotion France is the essential brand for urban mobility which combines safety, design and entertainment. High-tech products offering you a combination of quality and robustness.

Whether you set your sights on a unicycle, an electric scooter or a mini-scooter, we have the means of transport you need! Our different products will adapt perfectly to your needs, whether in terms of autonomy or ease of transport.
Our products combine flexibility and comfort for daily urban journeys. As engine power, battery power and handling vary from model to model, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service, which is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Most of our products can be connected to your smartphone. By activating the application and your GPS during your walk, you will be able to know the distance traveled or your average speed. Depending on the product, you can also diagnose the device and modify certain parameters: restricting the speed, displaying light effects or playing music.

• Electric Unicycles

Our electric unicycles are 14" (35.5 cm), 16" (40.6 cm) or 18" (45.7 cm).
It will probably take a little longer to learn on an Inmotion V5F/ EUC, but it will give you maneuverability and an exciting gliding feeling.
A larger wheel like the Inmotion V8F and Inmotion V8S EUCs, more stable, will surprise you with its intoxicating speed, and its smoother behavior.
The Inmotion V10F, with optimal comfort, good support on the road and impressive power compared to its size, will allow you to go on long hikes.
The 18" Inmotion V11 unicycle, the first wheel equipped with suspensions, has been designed and imagined accompanying you during your off-road outings: its autonomy and power make it an offroad of choice.
Finally, the new 16" Inmotion V12 High Torque unicycle set to be announced in spring 2022 who follow the Inmotion V12 may just be the wheel of your dreams.

• E-Scooter

If you want a reliable and enduring model, look no further: the new sporty and elegant Inmotion S1 E-scooter will satisfy you. Equipped with a 500 W motor and 80 km of autonomy, it is positioned as a high-end scooter and can only make your urban trips easier.

• E-Bikes

Having become one of the most fashionable means of personal transport, the Inmotion P1F mini-scooter owes its fame to its originality and excellent technical characteristics. Its successors, the Inmotion P2 and Inmotion P2F E-bikes also incorporate a pedaling assistance system to gain autonomy. With an "all electric" mode, they can be considered as an alternative to electric bikes./p>

• Spare parts and accessories

If you need a second charger, for example for your workplace, an inner tube or a protective cover, our full range of spare parts is constantly evolving. Even so, if you can't find the part you need, don't hesitate to contact our team.

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    Inmotion France guarantees its products for 2 years. Lithium batteries and chargers provided are guaranteed for 1 year.
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