You will find on this page all the available information, dated and confirmed, concerning the pre-orders made on the Inmotion France site.

We are currently waiting for the V8S to be received by our logistics warehouse before proceeding with shipments.
These should take place the last week of October a priori, the delay being due to a delay in delivery by sea.
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Regarding the V12, it will be available for delivery in the second half of November, following a factory production delay and a longer shipping time as indicated above.

Following our last exchanges with Inmotion Global, we are obliged to postpone the arrival date of pre-orders by several weeks, due to the difficulties of shipping by sea. The V12 will therefore be available for delivery in November 2021, the V8S being available in October 2021.

Inmotion Global confirms that the Inmotion V8S are in the final phase of production, for shipment by sea at the end of August. Regarding the V12s, Inmotion Global announces a production start for mid-September 2021, for shipping by sea in early October 2021.

Due to the international maritime situation, as well as the shortage of certain electronic components, we are experiencing a delay in all of our pre-orders. In the case of V12 and V8S we are still awaiting confirmation by Inmotion Global of the production of the second batch.

According to Inmotion Global's press release, the second batch of V12 and V8S should be produced in August / September, which could lead to a delay in delivery to October, without confirmation to date.