You will find on this page all the available information, dated and confirmed, concerning the pre-orders made on the Inmotion France site.

The container containing the V12 High Torque has been unloaded by our logistics teams. These are mobilized and are currently shipping pre-orders. Delivery should therefore take place in week 29, except for special exceptions and requests.

The container ship is experiencing a delay of a few days and should arrive at the port in week 27. Our teams are mobilized to send the V12 HT as quickly as possible

After much exchange with Inmotion Global we have confirmation of an Estimated Landing (ETA) of the V12 HT in France on June 30th as the container is currently at sea.

Following a delay in factory production linked to a reconfinement due to Covid-19 (Shenzen), we have to shift the estimated delivery date of the V12 HT from May to June. We are currently working to minimize delays in maritime transport and customs formalities so that your wheel arrives in France as quickly as possible.