E-scooters Inmotion AIR Pro Electric Scooter
  • E-scooters Inmotion AIR Pro Electric Scooter
  • E-scooters Inmotion AIR Pro Electric Scooter
  • E-scooters Inmotion AIR Pro Electric Scooter
  • E-scooters Inmotion AIR Pro Electric Scooter
  • E-scooters Inmotion AIR Pro Electric Scooter
  • E-scooters Inmotion AIR Pro Electric Scooter
  • E-scooters Inmotion AIR Pro Electric Scooter
  • E-scooters Inmotion AIR Pro Electric Scooter
  • E-scooters Inmotion AIR Pro Electric Scooter
  • E-scooters Inmotion AIR Pro Electric Scooter
  • E-scooters Inmotion AIR Pro Electric Scooter
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Inmotion AIR Pro Electric Scooter


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Payment in 10 instalments, only available for France.
  • 500W rear motor
  • Restricted speed 25 km/h (ex works)
  • Max speed 35 km/h (on private land)
  • up to 45 km range
  • Light and handy
  • Easy 3-step folding
  • Front drum brake and rear EBS brake
  • Invisible wires

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e-scooter  inmotion air et air pro

Inmotion AIR Pro

The Inmotion Air Pro, similar in appearance to the Inmotion Air, surprises with its greater power and autonomy than its little sister.

Inmotion AIR Pro: technical specifications

Motor and battery

In terms of motor performance, the Inmotion Air is aimed more at beginners and cautious users, while the Inmotion Air Pro offers slightly better performance. Its 500W rear motor can reach speeds of 35km/h, exceeding the regulatory limit of 25km/h on public roads. It is also capable of climbing gradients of 18% (around 10 degrees), the kind usually encountered in town. Beyond this limit, performance will be greatly affected, impacting on driving pleasure.

As for the battery, it has a capacity of 12 Ah, 36.5 V and 438 Wh, offering a range of 45 km. Designed for short trips around town and even occasional trail rides, its range is more than satisfactory for this type of use. The battery is equipped with a battery management system (BMS) that provides a number of safeguards to prolong and preserve its power. However, the battery takes around 8 hours to fully charge.

Driving comfort

In terms of driving comfort, the Inmotion Air Pro offers different driving modes: 'Drive' mode, corresponding to an autonomous cruising mode, and 'Sport' mode, which puts more strain on the battery and engine for enhanced performance. This allows users to adapt easily to the situation and their preferences.

The scooter's braking system uses Anti-Roller technology, comprising a drum brake at the front and an EBS brake at the rear that automatically adjusts braking according to the speed of the scooter. This system delivers smooth, comfortable braking. The wheels are made up of an inflatable wheel at the front and a solid tyre at the rear, each measuring 10 inches.


In terms of design, like the Air model, the Inmotion Air Pro has a clean, simple, urban look. Ergonomics are taken into account, with fully concealed wiring offering protection against vandalism and water. The 17-centimetre wide, non-slip footrests ensure a firm, stable position. The LED display provides essential information while riding, such as speed, riding mode and distance travelled. What's more, Bluetooth functionality means you can connect a smartphone to the scooter via the Inmotion app. Finally, the headlight projects light up to 15 metres ahead, improving visibility when riding at night.

Handling and first use

In terms of handling and use, as with the Inmotion Air, the maximum user weight is 120 kg, making it suitable for a wide range of users. At 17.7 kg, it's one of the lightest electric scooters on the market today. It's also manoeuvrable and responsive, making it very easy to get to grips with, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned user.

Inmotion AIR Pro electric scooter, a good choice?

The Inmotion Air Pro is an ideal electric scooter for beginners and those looking for a safe, efficient and easy-to-use means of transport. It's considered one of the best options for city use thanks to its excellent value for money. Its pleasant, comfortable riding experience makes it perfectly suited to regular use in urban environments.

Conformité légale EDPM de la loi Française

Data sheet

Engine power
500 W
Range (5) (6)
up to 45 km
Speed restrained from the factory (1)
25 km/h
Max speed (3) (4) (6)
up to 35 km/h
17.7 kg
Max user weight
120 kg
112 x 44,5 x 120 cm
Wheel diameter
10" (25,4 cm)
Wheel type
Inflatable at the front
Solid rear
Battery power
Lithium Ion 12 Ah / 36.5V / 438Wh
Charge time
approx. 8h00
Max slope
CE, RoHs
Autonomous cruising mode
Front drum brake and rear electronic brake
Invisible wires
Rear motor
Simple and convenient LED display
Ultra-bright headlight
Wide footrest (17cm)
Air Pro

Remarks :

  • Speed limit by construction permitted in accordance with the Micro Mobility Act.
  • In accordance with the legislation, we remind you that a civil liability insurance is compulsory for this type of vehicle
  • This vehicle is restricted at 25 km/h on leaving factory
  • Maximum speed acquired with a 70 kg person
  • Distance acquired with a full load, a 70 kg person on a level road and a temperature of 25°C. Other conditions may affect this maximum distance. Some batteries may have significantly different results.
  • There are several factors to consider when using this product. Among the most important: the driving surface and the difference in height, the weight of the user, the tire pressure, the driving style and the natural conditions (temperature, hygrometry, wind...). All these factors affect the speed and maximum distance of the product. Therefore, each user will have his own results. Test yours.
  • Avoid reaching the recommended distance so as not to end your journey on foot


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