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Everything I like to share with the unicycle in the form of small videos that are practical and fun at the same time, with, on each video, a new theme tackled in a targeted, technical and concise way.
Urban driving, classic, freestyle, off road, safety, parody, tips, and many other things will be on the programme of this learning experience which will accompany you over a few weeks.
I hope that you will find the necessary tools to refine your practice, tickle your curiosity, and make you want to explore the different paths available to us on a unicycle.

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S1/E0 - What are the tutorials of the week?

Explanation of the tutorials for the week and important points for following these EUC "lessons". Each week a new video will be uploaded. Each video will have a colored thumbnail to indicate the level of difficulty of the exercise.

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S1/E1 - How to get on a monocycle ?

So, you’ve just cracked, and you just bought yourself a unicycle? Congratulations! Here is a simple, step-by-step method to help you break ice! Above all, keep your confidence. It is the first step that costs, but after that it is only happiness. Come on, let's see together "how to get on a unicycle?"

Easy Level

S1/E2 - How to accelerate and brake ?

The last time you learned to get on your unicycle, walk a few yards and get off. Congratulations, the hard part is already behind you !!! To perfect your technique, let's now take a closer look at the correct way to shift your weight to advance and brake.

Easy Level

S1/E3 - How to turn with a unicycle ?

In a straight line, life is very monotonous. All the fun is in the side roads, the beautiful curves. So how do you turn with your unicycle ? Last fundamental basis, and not the least, since we will find it in almost every movement that we develop later.

Easy Level

S1/E4 - E-scooter start style reinforcement of support

Now that the basics are there, it's time to consolidate all of this, to become one with your wheel. After that you will be in confidence, and the doors of freestyle will be wide open to you (you will have to push them a bit...) Go for it!

Easy Level

S1/E5 - Freestyle: 1 foot revision

So you are at the advanced level? Want to learn tricks? I hope you haven't neglected the first 4 tutorials too much, even if they were just simple revisions for you, because now it will start to get tough! Let's start with the basics of freestyle, the 1 foot.

Advanced Level

S1/E6 - The tilt back

While waiting for the pros to get away from it all with the previous tutorial and be on top of things, let's get back to beginners: are you now comfortable on your wheel and you tickle the limits? Before going any further, get acquainted with the tilt back, and learn to tame it. It doesn't sound like it, but he will become your guardian angel. From now on, we will alternate every other week between the advanced level and the beginner (or generalist) level, to give you time to practice and digest the content of each tutorial.

Easy Level

S1/E7 - Reverse gear

One of the biggest headache on a gyroroue: reversing. I could also have called this tuto: How to pull out your hair and feel like you're starting from scratch? But that's just an impression... Reverse gear is a huge leap forward. Let's start right now because the sooner it's integrated, the sooner we'll be able to enjoy ourselves. For those who are resistant to freestyle, you should know that the pendulum, one of the basic exercises of reversing, is excellent for developing balance, taming the limits of our wheel, and that it is the best preparation for emergency braking.

Advanced Level

S1/E8 - Sidewalks and jumps

The sidewalks... luckily they are there, otherwise the unicycle rides would be far too easy in town! Let's see how to manage this little town planning problem and take advantage of it!

Advanced Level

S1/E9 - Counterfoot

The crossfoot, one of the coolest freestyle figures delivered on a silver platter, provided you wet your shirt! But beware, a beautiful face is not the end in itself, it is only the aperitif ...

Advanced Level

S1/E10 - Summary of the 10 basic faults

Already episode 10? Come on, to celebrate today I am offering you a little recap of the 10 main faults of the beginner wheeler (or more), from head to toe. In passing it will give a short respite to the more advanced to digest the foot, the opposite and above all, the reverse!

Easy Level

S1/E11 - How to improve lateral balance ?

Before the winter break we will finish quietly by seeing together how to develop our balance. In fact, it is essential to be able to control your wheel at very low speed, as you must do every day on the sidewalks to live in harmony with pedestrians and other users. Take a deep breath, clear your mind and let's go!

Easy Level

S1/E12 - Roll on spring

Winter is ending. Get ready for the resumption of the tutorials of the week with Hirsute EUC - Damien Gaumet and Inmotion very soon. In the meantime, warm up and pamper your wheel with a little cleaning, general inspection and tire inflation. Please let spring be here soon !

Expert Level

S1/E13 - The pendulum

Spring is here ! (yes if I swear ...). The new tutorials of the week are popping up in all directions! And now that the basics are well established, we will gradually approach freestyle. We start today with the pendulum, a very nice movement, quite technical but very useful for learning to know and master your wheel. However, to be practiced in moderation, taking your time, so as not to rush certain machines ...

Advanced Level

S1/E14 - 3 rotation exercises

Today I offer you 3 rotation exercises, which are already nice figures in themselves, and which will train your body to collect the top more easily! Because watch out, it's coming soon!

Pour Avancé

S1/E15 - U-turns - First round!

True “but where and therefore or no because” of freestyle, it is thanks to them that we will be able to build freestyle sequences. The half-turns are very often the links between the figures, the articulations of the acrobatic or choreographic sentences. So let's start gently today with the most classic.

Advanced Level

S1/E16 - U-turns - Second round!

Today I offer 3 variations of U-turns, of increasing difficulty: the U-turn by jumping, the U-turn on 1 foot, and a variation of my own: the samba! The continuation of the 180°, next month ...

Advanced Level

S1/E17 - Here we are: the Toupie!

A basic figure from the moment we acquired the 1 foot, but classified as an expert as it can put the neurons and guts to the test. But if you do not feel quite ready, do not hesitate to go through tutorial 14 ...

Expert Level

S1/E18 - Take it easy in 3 steps

As May 1st approaches, it's time to learn to take it easy on a EUC. So here are 3 positions to relax, with your toes in fans ... or almost.

Advanced Level

S1/E19 - My 5 tips for freestyle

As you can see, for a few weeks we have been tackling freestyle. For those who want to get started in this practice, certain questions arise, which I myself asked myself a few years ago. Which wheel size should I choose? How to limit the damage? So as not to hurt yourself? On what ground? etc ... Here are some early answers.

Easy Level

S1/E20 - The Thompson, my favorite figure ...

It speaks volumes, except that I am very happy to share it with you today in detail!

Expert Level

S1/E21 - The Chpounz

After the Thompson, let's stay a bit on the opposing figures. The Chpounz, a sort of spinning top, with a few more subtleties ... I did my best to be clear in my explanations, but as they say: "Didactics is to pedagogy, what theory is to practice". Anyway, I'm sure you will do very well!

Expert Level

S1/E22 - The Switch

Continuation of the 180°, of the same family as the U-turns that we saw last month in tutorials 15 and 16, but much more difficult. I let you discover this figure. On the other hand, know that, freestyle level, this is where the wheel begins to take bowls! The first figures in jumps ... In skateboarding language it could be called "Body varial", but we don't skateboard!

Expert Level

S1/E23 - The Shove-It

A true holy grail for many freestyle enthusiasts, the Shove-It is as spectacular as it is difficult to master 100%. So be patient ... Its name comes from a skateboard figure and can be translated as "push it!" This is the last freestyle figure that we will see in the tutorials this season. Hope you have some to take care of all this!

Expert Level

S1/E24 - Special finish

After 23 tutorials, the season is over, but it is only just beginning for their application. Make progress this summer, but not too much, also take advantage of long peaceful EUC rides to relax. We will soon meet again with Inmotion France and Hirsute - Damien Gaumet.

S2/E0 - Inmotion France Tutorials of the Week - Season 2

Here we go again for the tutorials of the week! We'll see you next week for a new video, every Friday until summer. (I took the liberty of using a few photos from the EUC Academy courses. I hope it won't bother anyone. If not, please let me know ...)

Easy LevelAdvanced LevelExpert Level

S2/E25 - 10 unicycle starts

To celebrate this new start for the tutorials of the week, today we will see 10 different starts in unicycle. What to start this new season on the hats of wheel!

Easy LevelAdvanced LevelExpert Level

S2/E26 - The 1 foot (review and details)

This winter, during the EUC Académie, I noticed that the 1 foot, yet incredibly useful, has not yet been fully acquired by some of you (I won't name anyone ...). So let's come back to it!

Advanced Level

S2/E27 - Bounce on 1 foot

Now that the 1 foot is acquired, here is a first way to be smart!

Advanced Level

S2/E28 - Maintenance of a unicycle

Even if it's basic, maintaining your gyro will help it carry you around for a long time!

Easy Level

S2/E29 - The waltz

First Expert tutorial of the season. A very nice combination for the relentless who want to embark on complex sequences.

Expert Level

S2/E30 - The Hirsute Cross March

One of my favorite moves, for freestyle enthusiasts. Easier than it looks if you master the cross foot.

Expert Level

S2/E31 - Foot pain

The unicycle it's a blast!, but not always without pain ... The reasons for foot pain is one of the questions that comes up most often, even if there is no real miracle or secret answer . We talk about it here and now. Don't hesitate to share your tips.

Easy Level

S2/E32 - The Egyptian

Advice to the experts, new tutorial for you with this superb figure! This will be the last big freestyle figure for this season. Do not hesitate to ask me the next figures that you want to see peeled in video next year.

Expert Level

S2/E33 - Beginner slalom

The hardest part for a beginner in gyro is to feel comfortable on your wheel. A good exercise for progressing and smoothing out movements is slalom ...

Easy Level

S2/E34 - Freestyle Slalom

Beginners, amateurs and experts on your wheels: For this last tutorial of the season, I suggest you use a few figures in a progressive program for the slalom. And all in music ... well yes, it's the music festival!

Easy LevelAdvanced LevelExpert Level