Electric unicycle Inmotion V12


Inmotion's future hit

The V12 was officially confirmed on Tuesday March 16 with the publication of a video from YouTuber EVX, sponsored by Inmotion Global. This V12 - that some have been hoping for since the end of 2019 and the announcement of iteration F of our bestseller the V8 gyroroue - would be officially presented at the end of April or beginning of May. Although unfinished test models are running in Europe, this Inmotion V12 EUC will not be available to the general public until the end of 2021. Remember: for the launch of the V11, announced in early April 2020 for delivery in August 2020, postponed to September then October 2020 due to a delay in the production chain. We are a year later, and the situation is more or less the same.
Electric unicycle Inmotion V12 by EVX
Electric unicycle Inmotion V12
After announcing the first wheel with suspension in 2020, Inmotion hits hard again with this Inmotion V12 whose technical specifications are not yet officially known. More powerful than the V11? Single or double battery? Double or triple autonomy compared to previous models? An increased top speed?
Rumors have it that we are talking about a 1750Wh battery, for the engine, with 2500W (and 5000 in peak) that of the V12 surpasses the Inmotion V11 and its 2200W ...

What will it really be? Is the leak of the specifications on the FCC (not) part of the final version? Answer on the next episode(s) of this new summer saga.